Bovingdon airfield was constructed during 1941/1942 by John Laing and Son and opened to the 92nd Bomb group of the United States 8th Army Air Force.

It commenced operations with Boeing B17 Flying Fortress aircraft which operated missions against Germany until early 1943 when the 8th Air Force decided that it needed a training and replacement centre for B17 crews arriving from the United States.

The 92nd group was then divided in two, half went to RAF Bassingbourn the remaining formed the Combat Crew Replacement Unit and remained until 1944.

Shortly after this the United States Army Air Force Transport Command moved in and formed the Transport for ferrying military personnel around Europe, and were equipped with C-47 Sky Train aircraft. The Royal Air Force returned from 1946 and in 1947 was then used for civilian airlines.

1951 saw the return to the USAF Coastal Command Communications. In 1962 the RAF returned with the Southern Command Squadron. It was sadly closed in 1972. Since then it has been used for a variety of films and television programs up to the present day. The Mount Prison was built in 1985. Today it is used for the Wendy Fair Market and also banger racing.